I am originally from Thayer, Missouri, a small community located in the south central part of the state.  In high school, I relocated to the Branson, Missouri area and thereafter graduated high school from Berryville, Arkansas.  I attended college at Northeast Louisiana University on an academic and athletic scholarship for water skiing.  During undergraduate studies, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and two national championships in collegiate water skiing.

I began my first year of teaching and also chose to continue my education in 2000.  I matriculated to the University of Louisiana at Monroe and received a Master of Education degree in Educational Administration in 2001.

During my Master’s coursework, I was introduced to the Louisiana Education Consortium Doctoral Program; a unique partnership between the University of Louisiana at Monroe, Louisiana Tech University, and Grambling State University.  Despite my young age and limited teaching experience, I was given the opportunity to enroll.  I took full advantage of this opportunity and worked to meet and exceed the challenges the program offered.  In 2003, I completed a dissertation focused on school law and received a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership.

I was raised among a family of educators who have aided in shaping my goal of serving as a superintendent who provides optimal opportunities for all students and educators.  My grandfather, father, and mother all retired as Missouri school superintendents.  My sister is a Missouri elementary school principal and my wife is a Missouri school counselor.  Needless to say, I was in training to become a school administrator far before I ever stepped foot into the college classroom merely through observation of their actions and decisions.  I believe this experience gives me an outstanding opportunity to see public education from a holistic perspective and affords me valuable personal resources that are unique to someone with my aspirations.

My personal philosophy of teaching is based on the premise that all children can succeed and that the educational environment must facilitate learning for each child through a high level of motivation, excellence in curriculum and instruction, unconditional positive support, and personal accountability at all levels.  I believe if a school district provides an environment based upon these principles, student and district success will be renowned.

During my fourteen years as an educator, I have continued my education and training with a sustained focus on educational leadership, and an increased focus on school law, government, policy, and school finance.  This focus stems from my belief that a fundamental understanding of education from a political point of view will greatly increase my ability to provide input into the process from which educational decisions are made.

It is with optimism and high expectations that I look to the future of public education and my career as a servant leader for the students, faculty, and community which I serve.

“A leader of men must make decisions quickly; be independent; act and stand firm; be a fighter; speak openly, plainly, frankly; make defeats his lessons; cooperate, coordinate; use the best of any alliances or allies; walk with active faith courageously toward danger or the unknown; create a staff; know, love and represent the best interests of his followers; be loyal, true, frank, and faithful; reward loyalty; have a high, intelligent and worthy purpose and ideal.  Do justice; love mercy; fear no man but fear only God.”                                                                                                           
                                                                                                                            John W. Dodge

Amie Wheeler

Amie and Jerrod met in college and married in 2000. Amie is originally from Joplin, Missouri. She relocated to West Monroe, Louisiana during Jr. High School and subsequently graduated from West Monroe High School.  Amie matriculated to Northeast Louisiana University where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.  She then enrolled at the The University of Louisiana, Monroe, and received a Master's Degree in School Counseling. 

Mrs. Wheeler began her career as a school counselor in 2003, and has experienced a diverse career serving students at all levels Pre-K through college.  Amie's free time is spent being a Christian, wife, and mother.  Raising Jorgie and Jaxon is the joy of her life. However, she also is an animal-lover and enjoys spending time with pets. 

Jorgie Wheeler

Jorgie Wheeler was born in 2007.  She is currently in First Grade and loves reading and making friends with her classmates.  Jorgie enjoys climbing trees and riding her bike and loves everything Disney.  Jorgie loves animals, big and small, and has future aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. 

Jaxon Wheeler

Jaxon was born in 2009.  He is currently in PreK and loves numbers, building blocks, and race cars.  Jaxon has big plans for his future, and enjoys dreaming big about the life ahead of him.  Jaxon plays soccer, and baseball, when he is not chasing his sister.


I enjoy spending my personal time as a Christian, husband, father, and family man.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, raising my children, traveling, and making memories.  


Athletics has also been an important part of my life.  I grew up competing in football, basketball, baseball, and track.  I also excelled in water skiing.  To date, I hold over a dozen state titles, the Missouri state record in Men's I ski jumping, and two national collegiate championships as a member of the Northeast Louisiana University Water Ski Team. 

Naturally, one of our favorite family pastimes is spending time at the lake.  Jorgie and Jaxon are quickly becoming avid water sports enthusiasts and will both likely follow in my footsteps as collegiate water skiers.

Jerrod Wheeler School Superintendent

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